the sun may rise in the east at least it settled in a finer location...

surf. music. beach. love.
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<3 guys + girls can both join

this is a community for people who love the beach and music. if you love warm weather, you belong here. if you surf, you're definatley here. i bet a lot of people will be asking what they're supposed to post here. talk about music you like. we are the music junkies.if you're going somewhere on vacation, or better yet live in a place where there's a beach, talk about it. you can tell us about your summer romances, concerts, all that good stuff that only happens durring the summer. music beach and surfing. those are our passions. post anything that has to do with these! we're dreamers. we dream. aloha

..ALL applications must be under an LJ cut.
heres the code [*<*lj-cut text*="live for the surf">YOUR APPLICATION HERE] just take out the stars<33
..when you apply, put "we dont need flip flops" in the subject line and "live for the surf" in your LJ-cut name.
..fill out the application completley. if you leave things blank, it will lessen your chances of getting accepted. we love you but not if we dont know who the hell you are.
..stay active. promote us. use the below banner. if you disappear for a long time, we'll find a way to contact you and see what the hecks up.we're not too mean here.
..apply. asap. as in, now. dont be afraid of being rejected. we're new. we're taking as many people as we can get.
..do NOT vote unitl you are stamped! the members vote, mods count up the votes, and use that towards half of thier deciscion. unless the members are thinking with thier knees, their votes WILL count. if you dont like what they say, tough luck. if you delete thier comments, or even worse YOUR application you'll be banned from the community.

..promote. stay active.
..make sure you VOTE. dont just sit there pitying the clueless applicants!
..tell the blunt truth to applicants

favorite beach, and a picture of it if possible?
single or taken?
do you surf? skate?
play an instrument?

*this OR that
roxy o'niel or billabong
surf or snowboard
skate or bmx
element or DC
pacsun or aero
bam margera or chris raab
dark or light
beach or club
sunset or sunrise
love or lust
etnies or vans
bakini or boardshorts
light sand or dark
light aqua sea or deep blue sea
big waves or small waves
sun lotion or tanning oil
crash or burn

*What do you think about..
prude people
the color orange
long boards
new hampshire
the dropkick murhpys
pucca shell necklaces
livestrong braclets
the OC

*What's your favorite..
5 bands
Bakini look like
Hair color
TV show

theres our first banner. yay!
to promote copy and paste the following into your livejournal, other allowing communitys, and into peoples livejournal comments. just make sure you take out ALL the stars!

<*img src="http:/*/img.photobucket.*com/albums/*v230/*ieatsoapwee03/*joinbanner1.jpg*">

now make a wish and ink out a star