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we dont need flip flops

[*<*lj-cut text*="live for the surf">name.
location.barrington ((booniess))
favorite beach, and a picture of it if possible?:hmm some beach in maryland that i forget the name of but ahh it was very nice and wasnt myrtle beach
single or taken?haha im dumped so yes singleness rocks
do you surf? skate? im learning how to skate (boarding and snow skating) and i also ICE skate with amber and jordo at rock night sometimes<333
play an instrument?haha yes im am a band geek and proud of it!! i play the flute, his name is luigi, and this one band camp.........

*this OR that
roxy o'niel or billabong-hmmm billabong
surf or snowboard- haha surfng is fun but i cant do it im learning how to skateboard tho
skate or bmx- skating all i can doo with bmx is a wheely or w.e yeah that takes skill ;)
element or DC-uhh DC
pacsun or aero-um pacsun alllll the wayyy!!!
bam margera or chris raab-BAMMMM
dark or light- depends on how i feel
beach or club- beach cuz u can dance there too (no guys walk around half naked at clubs!!)
sunset or sunrise- sunset
love or lust- haha i choose both
etnies or vans- hmm etnies
bakini or boardshorts-bikini
light sand or dark- light
light aqua sea or deep blue sea- light aqua
big waves or small waves-BIG!!!!
sun lotion or tanning oil-tannign oil
crash or burn-CRASHHHH wiping out is FUNN

*What do you think about..
cockyness- i think it sucks expecially if you ahve nothing to be proud of and u brag anyway *gag*
prude people- they annoy me..especially when they deny it..but u knwo whatever it doesnt change how i feel about them
the color orange- :)
long boards- hmm never tried one
snow- fun to play in..not fun to get whitewashed
new hampshire- boring-o without all my friendzzz<33
california- ahh the sun i want it
yellowcard- YESSSSSS they help me survive PE
the dropkick murhpys- haha they're cool ethan made me listen to them on the bus this morning i like<3
AIM- haha i would die without it
pucca shell necklaces- yeah i like them..but if they have too much hemp or we they're itchy
trends- dumb be your own person dont do what they tell you to
livestrong braclets- i had one but i left it at the indoor soccer place
the OC- i dont watch that much but sometimes i do its a good show

*What's your favorite..
Store- pacsun and dots
5 bands- sugarcult, dashboard confessional, something corporate, all american rejects, annnd GREEENDAYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Bakini look like- it got too small (stupid chest!) but it was purple and stappless and had a purple backround with white flowers on it i loved it *tear*
Hair color- omg i like my hair but i want pink streaks wikid
Shoes- my pink nikes or black and pink ethnies
TV show- that 70s show, friends, law and order SVU
Actor/Actres- actress-reese witherspoon, jennifer aniston actor- johnny depp, CMM
Piercing- nose (small stud or w.e not a ring)]
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