Lissa ♥ (hc0lou_x3) wrote in waves__xsunsets,
Lissa ♥

we dont need flip flops

favorite beach, and a picture of it if possible? south beach
single or taken? single n crushin
do you surf? skate? rollerblad n ice skate
play an instrument? no

*this OR that
roxy o'niel or billabong. roxy
surf or snowboard. surf
skate or bmx. skate
element or DC. dc
pacsun or aero. pacsun
bam margera or chris raab. ?
dark or light. light
beach or club. beach
sunset or sunrise. sunset
love or lust. love
etnies or vans. etnies
bakini or boardshorts. bikinis
light sand or dark. light sand
light aqua sea or deep blue sea. light aqua sea
big waves or small waves. big waves
sun lotion or tanning oil. tanning oil
crash or burn. crash

*What do you think about..
cockyness. crazy
prude people. annoying
the color orange. summer
long boards. sweet
snow. sucks
new hampshire. dont know
california. awesome
yellowcard. good
the dropkick murhpys. dont know
AIM. fun to chat
pucca shell necklaces. love them
trends. cool
livestrong braclets. good for the cause
the OC. obsessed completely

*What's your favorite..
Store. hollister
5 bands. green day, mandy moore, ashanti, yellowcard, baha men, eminem
Bakini look like. pink n brown
Hair color. brunette
Shoes. etnies
TV show. the OC and north shore
Actor/Actress. rachel bilson . ben mckenzie
Piercing. belly button
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