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we dont need flip flops

name. alliy. :)
age. 14.
gender. female.
favorite beach, and a picture of it if possible? Goose Bay beach placey. Its in Newfoundland, where I live. :) No pictures though, sorry.
single or taken? single, baby.
do you surf? skate? I'm kind of learning to skate.
play an instrument? drummms!

*this OR that
roxy o'niel or billabong. billabong.
surf or snowboard. snowboard, just because I cant surf here. :P
skate or bmx. skate.
element or DC. DC.
pacsun or aero. aero.
bam margera or chris raab. BAMMM!.
dark or light. depends. I like it both. XD
beach or club. beach!
sunset or sunrise. sunset. :)
love or lust. i think you need both.
etnies or vans. Vans.
bakini or boardshorts. bikini.
light sand or dark. light.
light aqua sea or deep blue sea. light aqua sea.
big waves or small waves. bigggg.
sun lotion or tanning oil. sun lotion.
crash or burn. crash.

*What do you think about..
cockyness. hatehatehatehateeeeeeeee.
prude people. yuck.
the color orange. I love the color orange. yayaya.
long boards. i dont really care.
snow. cold and yucky, i want it to go away. :(
new hampshire. i've never been there, but my best friend is from there. so i guess its alright?
california. i'd looooove to go there.
yellowcard. i hate their music.
the dropkick murhpys. they're awesome!
AIM. don;t use it.
pucca shell necklaces. their alright, haha.
trends. i dont like trends. im just me, and i dont need to follow a stupid trend to feel cool. blah.
livestrong braclets. they're.. alright.
the OC. i love that show sosososososo much!

*What's your favorite..
Store. Ballistic, a skate/clothing shop downtown here. wicked stuff.
5 bands. My Chemical Romance, The Misfits, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Letterkills.
Bakini look like. its brown and white with polkadots and stripes. you'd really have to see it.
Hair color. pink. :)
Shoes. converse.
TV show. Family guy, the OC, sex and the city.
Actor/Actress. i don't really have one.
Piercing. labret or eyebrow. :)
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